How to do paging in the HTTP Service source step using the page size, page start and check length

The below image is an example of an HTTP Service source step where paging using the page size, page start and check length is used.

NB: The paging method is dependent on the API that is being used.

To do paging in your API, add the current page number and the page size in the URL as highlighted in the image above.
Click in the Enabled check box under the Paging section for the fields to appear. Type in the size of the page in the Page Size field and the page number you want to start on in the Page Start field.
There are 5 parameters that are available to use which are; Check Length, Check HTTP Status Code, Check Field, Check Empty Array and Field Url. Choose one parameter and click on it. It will automatically populate the required field for the parameter from the URL.
Click on “Save” to save the step.