How to send data/ records to Power BI

Use a Buffer as a destination step to store the records that you want to view.

Create an API and give it a name as shown below.

Add a Security Scheme by clicking on the highlighted icon shown below.

The below page will appear. Type a security name and choose what type of authentication you require. This authentication will be used when retrieving the data in Power BI.

Click on the highlighted icon next to Path as illustrated below. This allows you to create a path to connect to the buffer.

The below page appears. Select “GET” to retrieve the data and populate the path name with the name of the buffer as highlighted in the below image. Click on the Source tab and select the buffer you want to pull the data from.

Click on the Definition tab and type the name you gave to your credentials in the Security Schemes field as highlighted below. Click on Save Path once done.

In Power BI, select Get Data as a source and choose Web to connect to the URL.

To get the URL, go to Info in the API in Synatic and click on the highlighted icon under Service in the below to image to copy the URL path.


Paste the copied URL path in Power BI and add the path name that is connected to the buffer as demonstrated in the below image. Click OK to save.

The below image will appear. Click on the type of authentication you chose earlier when creating the API path and populate the credentials.

Click on Connect to establish a connection to Power BI and you can create your report.

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