How to validate the code in the Calculator steps in a flow

The Validate Flow feature can validate if the code in a Calculator step will give an error when you process a run. This feature assists you when debugging a flow before testing or executing it.

Illustrated in the image below is the Validate Flow option which is located next to the Flow Details option when you open a flow.


In this example, x=1 and y=2 is added in a Calculator step in the flow as shown in the image below.


Click on Validate Flow and a red warning sign will appear on the Calculator step which will give an error due to the code that was inputted. Highlighted in the below page is the Validate Flow option and the warning error sign on the Calculator step.

Click on the warning sign on the Calculator step and the Validation Errors tab will open as shown in the below image. This tab will contain the error of the inputted code.