Google Big Query step connection

In order to use the Google Big Query step (source or destination), you first need to setup a Google Cloud Platform connection. Once this is done, you’ll be able to use the Google Big Query step.

NB: Please note that you can use Big Query as a source step or a destination step and send or receive data from another source/ destination.

Below is the Big Query SOURCE step. You can write a query to manipulate the data and pull out the data that you want to transfer.


To create a connection, you click on the plus icon next to the word “Connection” as highlighted below.


It will open to the below page where you type a name for the connection and paste/ type the JSON Key. The JSON Key is the product and service account key that is generated from the Google Cloud Console.


Below is the Big Query DESTINATION step.

You first add a connection as shown above and select the connection.
Then you type the ID of the dataset, the name of the table and the input value.
If there are a lot of records, you can batch them by typing in/ selecting a number (the arrows are at the right end of the field) in the Batch Size field.
Concurrent Calls is the number of requests you make at once before waiting for the response.