How to delete a duplicate record/ element in an array

The below example is how to delete a duplicate record/ element in an array.

Illustrated below is an example payload that is used in a Record Generator source step. As shown in the image, there are 2 records/ elements in the PersonList array that are the same/ duplicated.


The code in the Calculator step as shown in the image below is used to delete the duplicate record/ element in the array and .


The below code can be used to copy and paste in your Calculator step. The array name has to be changed to the array name in your dataset.

let inputRecord=input.record;

inputRecord.PersonList = input.record.PersonList.filter((check, index, self) =>
  index === self.findIndex((t) => (
    t.Name === check.Name

return inputRecord;

The output of the above code is shown in the image below.


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