How to receive a notification on an instant messaging platform for a failed run

If you’re unable to access your email and an important run has failed, it is possible for you to receive a notification on an instant messaging platform such as Telegram, SMS, Whatsapp, etc by following the instructions below.

NB: Please note that the instant messaging platform has to have an API for this to work.

  1. Create a new flow with the HTTP Service step as a destination. Illustrated in the below image is an example of the flow using a Record Generator step as the source step. A Start Flow step can also be used but the notification message has to be inputted in the Calculator step.


  1. In your Record Generator step, you can type an output notification message using javascript as shown in the below image.


  1. In your HTTP Service destination step, you can input the API URL that is used for the instant messenger in the URL field as illustrated in the image below. “Content-Type” is added as a header since a text message is a MIME type.

  1. Go to the main flow that you want to receive a notification for. Add an AsyncFlow step from the RunEvent section after the destination of the main flow as shown in the images below. The return value will highlight in blue for you to add the step there.


  1. Once the AsyncFlow step from the RunEvents is added to the flow, the below page will appear. Select the flow that was created earlier from the drop down list to receive a notification on the instant messenger platform via the API URL. Click on the “Failed” check box for the instant messenger flow to run only if the main flow fails. The click “Save” to save the step. If the run does fail, you will receive the notification on the desired instant messaging platform. If the flow in the AsyncFlow step fails, the main flow will still continue processing and won’t fail due to an error in the child flow/ AsyncFlow.


The below image is how the flow will look once the AsyncFlow step is added.

Additional information:

Twilio can assist with certain instant messaging platforms.