How to invoke custom REST APIs on Salesforce

The Salesforce step uses a standard REST API path which is: /services/data/v52.0
To invoke a custom REST API on Salesforce, you will need to add the Salesforce Apex step in the flow as shown below.


You first need to add a connection to Salesforce and then select the connection.
In the Apex Path, you can add any query string parameter/ any path but you must exclude the base URL of that path.
You will only put in the path that is after the base URL and start with a forward slash as shown below.
eg. URL path:
Path you will put: /apexrestcall

This will allow you to access the customized service that you connected to.


Is there a way to pass variables to the query string?

for instance:


Hi Konrad,

There is. The below link will assist to how you can pass a variable to the query string.

i.e. /apexrestcall/ {}

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