How to retrieve an HTTP destination file and send it to Salesforce

Illustrated in the images below are an Async Flow at the end of a main flow that will call a 2nd flow to pull the data from the main flow, convert it to JSON using the JSON reader step, then using a GET to pull the referenced data in the HTTP Service source step in a sub flow and eventually going to the Salesforce Content Version destination step after combing the data.


In the Calculator step, parameters for the file is being created and the file is being zipped by using inputRecord.attributes.type + ".zip"; as shown in the below image. Another way to do this is by using a Zip step.


In the image below is the HTTP service source step which is pulling the file using the “app_number” and “id” fields.

Illustrated in the below image is the Salesforce Content Version step which will upload the file to Salesforce using the created parameters.

Salesforce Content Version Step