Salesforce Blob Lookup step

The Salesforce Blob Lookup step allows you to reference the context of a file that is stored in a blob on Salesforce.

In order to use this step, you must have a Salesforce account and files/data in a blob on Salesforce.

To create a connection to Salesforce in this step, click on the plus icon that is next to the word “Connection” that is highlighted below.


Then type a connection name, choose a connection type and fill in the credentials to get authorization based on the connection type you chose as shown below.


Illustrated below is a full image of the Salesforce Blob Lookup step.

In the Salesforce Object field, you type the object name that you want to reference from Salesforce.
In the Blob Field, you put the name of the blob that is in Salesforce.
In the ID Path field, you type the name of the file/data that is stored in the blob that you to reference.
For the Map Path field, you can specify which field that is on the record that you want to save the blob data to. If you leave it blank, the record will be replaced with the name of the blob data.