Salesforce Content Version Step

This is a destination step that you use if you want to upload any document/ file or media to Salesforce.
In order to for this step to work, you must have a Salesforce account first.

To create a connection to Salesforce, click on the plus icon that is highlighted below.


Then type a connection name, choose a connection type and fill in the credentials to get authorization based on the connection type you chose as shown below.

The below image is how the step looks.

Content Document ID field is the name of the document that will be uploaded to a library in Salesforce CRM Content or Salesforce Files. If it’s left blank, it will create a new content document name with no parent.

Parent ID field is where you type the header name of the library for where the file will be stored in Salesforce. If a new content version is created, the parent ID will be added to the content link.

Path on Client field is the current name of the file you want to upload to Salesforce. If it is left blank, it reverts to process FileName.

Title field is the file name that you will see on Salesforce. You can create a file name that is different from the original file name. It will automatically revert to the file name that is supplied on the Path on Client field. If both fields are blank, it will revert to a globally unique identifier (GUID).