How to update records in Salesforce

To update records in Salesforce, please do the following:

  1. Populate an Excel document with the fields and the updated records/ data.

  2. Add an Excel writer step as a source step to the flow. Then add a Calculator step, Super Mapper step and the Salesforce step as a destination step as shown in the image below.

  1. In the Super Mapper step, you can map the field names that you want to update from the source (Excel document) to the destination (Salesforce step) as illustrated in the below image.

Below is a helpful link to understand how to use the Super Mapper step.

  1. Once the mapping is done, you can create a new Salesforce connection by clicking on the plus icon or you can choose an existing Salesforce connection from the drop down list by clicking on the down arrow located on the far right as highlighted in the image below. Once the connection is selected, you can select the Salesforce Object that you want to update by clicking on the table icon on the far right of the field. Then you can select “Update” in the Method field.

  1. To test or execute the flow, you need to drag and drop the Excel file to the Upload Source File field or you can select the Excel file from your local machine by clicking on the highlighted text in the image below and then you can test or run the flow.