Super Mapper Mapping

How we can take the buffer as the source to the Super Mapper? Currently, the requirement here is to read the buffer values and upsert them into Salesforce

Hi @hitesh,

I have spoken with the Dev team, and I understand where the confusion has come in. The add source button should read add field, not add source. I have logged the query, and we will look at amending this.

At the moment V1 of the super mapper only allows for plain text or the Javascript of the record to be imported. To get the mapping from the source (Buffer), you can test to step after the buffer, copy the javascript of the record, click import fields, and paste. This will list all the fields in your JSON payload.

Screenshots of the process.

  1. Test to step, select raw, extract record Javascript

  2. Drag the super mapper onto your flow, click import, paste javascript.

  3. Click import, your field mapping from the Java script should show as below;

Alternatively, you can add the text in your note pad and import the same way.

Let me know, if you have anymore questions.

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