How to reference a field from a Salesforce Lookup step

Illustrated below is an example of the Salesforce source step which is then doing a lookup in Salesforce (Salesforce Lookup step) to pull the correct Phone number.

The below image is the Salesforce source step which is selecting a few fields from the Opportunity object based on the Id and AccountId.

The Salesforce Lookup step is looking up the Phone number from the Account object based on the AccountId from the previous step.


To map the field from the lookup step , scroll to the bottom of the Salesforce Lookup step and click on the highlighted icon to add the field in the Mappings section as shown below.

The image below is the output of the Phone value with the rest of the records. Highlighted is the object name of the mapped field in the Salesforce lookup step.

NB: If you want to reference the field in a Calculator step, use input.record.fieldname. The fieldname will be the name of the field in the To Path field in the mapping. If it has a different field name in the To Path (not the same as the original fieldname), it will be input.record.ToPathFieldName.fieldname.


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