How to download data/ records in a file

If you require your data/ records to be downloaded in a file, there are 2 ways this can be done:

  1. Using the Run File step to download the data in any file format.


  1. Using a destination Buffer step to download the data in a JSON file.

The following instructions is how it can be done for both ways:

  1. Illustrated below is an example of a flow with the Run File step. The source data is coming from a Google Sheet which is why the Google Sheet source step is used. The Combine step and Excel writer step (any writer step can be used) is used to create the file.

The below image is the Run File step. In the Input field, you select the required object input that you want to be returned in the file. The Expiry field is the number of minutes that you want the file to exist for after execution. In the File Type field, you can select the required file type from the drop down list. This will be the file format that the data will be in.

To download the file, click on the Runs tab as highlighted in the image below to view the run history of the flow. Click on the date of a run as underlined in red.

The below page will appear. Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in the flow and click on the highlighted download icon on the Run File step to download the file.

The chosen file type (eg. Excel in this example) will download to your Downloads folder as shown in the below images.



  1. Illustrated below is a flow with a Google Sheet source step and a destination Buffer step. The destination Buffer step is used to store records. If your flow has a destination Buffer step, you can download the data from the buffer in a JSON file.


Click on the highlighted values icon on the destination Buffer as highlighted in the below image.


The below page will appear with a preview of the data. To download the data, click on the highlighted Export button.

A JSON file will download with the JSON payload as shown in the below images.


For more information on how to download a data set from a buffer with filtered values, please click on the below link:

How to export filtered records from a buffer