How to add static/hardcoded data in a flow

If you need to add static or hardcoded data to a flow, please refer to the instructions provided below.

There are multiple methods available to include static data within a flow. In the following example, we will explore a few approaches for incorporating static data into a flow.

Record Generator

The Record Generator source step serves the purpose of generating a specific number of empty or structured records in JSON format. The configuration of this step enables you to determine the quantity of records to be generated, as well as define the JSON data structure itself.

The above test will return the data in Synatic as per the image shown below


The Calculator mapper step provides the ability to modify the record or payload using JavaScript code. In the example below, a new field is added to the existing dataset.

N.B: The calculator step will stream one record at a time to the Calculator step for processing

The output when testing will be shown as per the image below

Solution Parameter

A Solution Parameter can also be used to add static/hardcoded data into a flow. For detailed information on this topic, please refer to the following links: