Combining & emailing records after a destination step using an Excel file

A Combine Step cannot be added straight after a destination step. A placeholder such as a calculator step or a filter step must be added in between those 2 steps.

In the below example, Google Sheets is the destination step.

An empty Calculator step is added in between Google Sheets (destination) step and the Combine step.

Thereafter, an Excel Writer step is added to store the combined records in an Excel file.

The Run File step is added so you are able to download this file after the execution process by clicking on the highlighted download icon in the below image.


Below is the configuration in the Run File step. The Expiry field is the number of minutes the file is available for before it disappears. The File Type field is where you can choose what type of file you want to receive/ send by selecting from the drop down list.


The configuration for the Email step is illustrated below. You can populate the Subject field and the Address Details fields. In the Attachments fields, remember to click in the check box to use the file as an attachment and to give the file a name in the Attachment Name field.