How to pass/reference HTML to an Email destination step

If required to use HTML in the body field of an Email destination step, please refer to the instructions provided below for guidance on how it can be referenced:

Illustrated in the image below is an example of a flow that creates records for the subject, recipient, and HTML body, and sends an email using the Email destination step.

The Record Generator source step is used to add static data into a flow. The below example shows the data that contains the subject, recipient, and HTML body fields for the Email destination step.

In the Calculator step, it is necessary to assign the records to parameters so that the Email destination step can accept them.

Before reaching the Email destination step, it is essential to include the Combine step. This step ensures that the HTML content is preserved, as without it, the HTML would be stripped away.

In the EMail destination step, click on the View code button to add your parameter and remove any additional tags that are added by default.

Note: Click the view code bottom again to close the code viewer before saving the step.

When executing the flow, the values will be inserted into the Email destination step and sent out, similar to the example shown in the below image.