How to reference a solution parameter in the Subject field of an Email destination step

If you require to send emails to the same list of recipients in multiple flows, please follow the below instructions:

Illustrated below is an example of how to create a solution parameter and populate the Email destination step with the list of required fields.

Create a Solution Parameter by clicking on the three dots next to a Solution or Global and select Parameter, This will allow us to compile a collection of data that can be utilized by other flows

In the Value Type section, select Object and in the value section you can compile a collection of values that will be used in the Email destination step as shown in the below image.
Take note of the solution parameter name as highlighted below. We will use this value to refer to the solution parameter when needed

To reference an Object Solution parameter, use the below method as highlighted in the below image


During the execution of the flow, the values will be inserted into the Email destination step and sent out, similar to the example shown below