How do I send an EXCEL file as an e-mail attachment?

I’m working on a flow that has to make calculations, at the end of these calculations export the combined results in Excel and send them by email.

Except that when the email is sent, the content of the attachment is empty.

Please does anyone know how to correct this?

The Flow

The Export Excel configuration

Send Email configuration

Hi there,

We’ll have a look and provide feedback :blush:

The Support Team


Thank you for reaching out. The Email V2 destination step requires the file to be a base64 string.

After the combine step and Excel Writer step, Add a Byte group step.


The Byte Group step will take in Bytes and Output a Base64 string. Specify a field name to return output too.


In the Email V2 destination step config, Specify the content as {@record.FieldName}


Refer to the article below for more information:
How to send multiple attachments in a single email using Email V2 - FAQs / Flows - Synatic Community

If you have any further questions, Please let us know.

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