How to read an Excel attachment and email details/ file name from an email trigger

If you require to read an Excel attachment and email details (file name) from an email trigger, please follow the below instructions:

Illustrated below is an example of how the flow will look. It consists of an Email trigger, an Excel reader step, a Calculator step and a Buffer destination step.

  1. The image below is the Email trigger step. Tick/ Click in the Process Attachments checkbox and input the file extension (eg. .xlsx for Excel files). Click the Enable button and then click the Save button.

  1. Add an Input Parameter by clicking on the icon circled in red in the image below.


The below page will appear. Type a parameter name (eg. messageDetails) and select Object as the Type. Click on the highlighted tick on the right end and click on the Save button.

  1. Add an Excel reader step.

  2. Add a Calculator step after the Excel reader step and input the code in the image below. This will return the file details and data in 2 objects.


  1. Add a Buffer destination step after the Calculator step. Select an existing buffer for the data to get stored in or create a new buffer by clicking on the highlighted icon in the image below. Select Insert as the operation if you want to insert new data and tick/ click in the Purge Before checkbox if you want the buffer data to get purged/ deleted before the new data gets stored.

To view the buffer data (data from the Excel file and the email details with the file details) after the file has been triggered , click on the list icon on the Buffer destination step as per the below page.


The below page will appear (JSON view is used as an example) and highlighted are the objects that were created in the Calculator step. “messageDetails” consists of the email details with the file details and “FileData” consists of the data that is from the file.