How to view the flows that are being used by a specific endpoint in a relay

This feature assists when debugging a relay that is failing due to one of the endpoints losing connectivity (system issue or server issue where the system is installed on) and if you need to view the flows where the endpoint is being used to see what impact it has or to turn off the trigger/s until the endpoint is running again.

To view the flows that are being used by a specific endpoint in a relay:

  1. Go to the Relay page by clicking on the Relays icon which is circled in red in the below image. It is located on the top left of the webpage.


  1. The Relay page will appear as a tab as shown in the below image with all the created relays. Click on the relay name to view the settings of that relay. In this example, the highlighted relay has the endpoint (successFolder) that we want to view.

  1. The below page will open. Scroll down to the Used By Flows section to view the flows that are using the endpoints in the relay. It also shows which endpoints are being used by the flows.

  1. In this example, we are searching for the “successFolder " endpoint in the search bar field as highlighted in the below image. The flows that are using that endpoint are being returned, including the flow that is using 2 different endpoints which is the " Testing\RelayBasedFile Test” flow.