How to change a connection at run time

This feature is useful when using one connection with many user credentials in a flow. It has the ability to change the connection at run time.

NB: Please note that the connections with the different user credentials has to be created in the same solution or in the Global solution in order to replace the connection.

Illustrated below is an example of a flow where the SFTP Server is a source step.


Click on the Input Parameters (the box located on the left of the source step) to add a parameter as shown in the image below. Click on the highlighted icon to add the parameter and then click on Save.

Click on the SFTP Server source step to change the configuration. To change the connection, click on the highlighted down arrow and select Replace. Then reference the parameter that was created in the above instruction to replace the connection and click on Save as shown in the below image.


When testing or executing the flow, the parameter will appear and the highlighted field is where the connection ID with the required user credentials will be inputted as illustrated in the below image.


The connection ID can be found in when editing a connection. Copy the highlighted copy icon in the below image (located on the far right of the connection name) and paste it in the Replace Connection field.