How to change the worksheet name in an Excel writer step using the current date as a parameter

The following is how you can change/ amend a field’s value in a step. In this example, we are amending the Worksheet Name field in the Excel writer step to re-name the worksheet name to the current date.

Illustrated below is an example of the flow. I used a Record Generator step as my source step.

In the Calculator step, you write the code to pull the current date. Highlighted in the below image is the parameter name that will be called/ populated in the Excel writer step.

The Combine step combines all the records into one record before it pushes it to the Excel writer step.

In the Excel writer step, clicked on the highlighted linked icon to add the parameter as illustrated below.

The below page will appear. Type the “parameters.timestamp” to reference the parameter and it’s name from the Calculator step and then click on Use Path as a confirmation.

The Excel writer step will then appear as shown below. Save the step to save the change you made.


Once the flow is executed successfully, you can download the Excel file in the Run File step as highlighted below.

When you open the Excel file, you will see the current date as the worksheet name as highlighted below.