Inserting a new line in a string

Is there a way to introduce a new line character in a string variable?

I tried several variations on the new line character but they all resulted in errors.


I am trying insert a new line between two text variables in a calculator step. Here is the latest iteration of the code:

I decided to break it out into part A and B because it was getting confused with the if then else statement.

I would like for the value of Full_Description to be:


Like I said they all resulted in the following error at the calculator step.

Hi Mark,

We’ll investigate and revert.

Kind regards

So the semicolon issue is not an issue anymore. I had inserted one in the middle of a JSON object. That was the result of the error message.

I still have the question as to how do you insert the new line into a string.


Hi Mark,

Understood. We are still investigating and testing. I’ll revert as soon as we have a solution.

Kind regards

Sorry to bug you, but everything is good now. I seem to suffer from shooting myself in the foot quite a bit recently. :slight_smile: I had variables that were mislabeled so they would never work in the fashion.

I was able to add the new line character. I just have to figure out how to get DevOps to listen to the character.

Thanks again.

Hi Mark,

That’s great! :slight_smile: Can you please email me the org name, solution name and flow name? I can have a look and then revert.

You can either send it to or