New features for January 2024

Compliments of the season Synaticals! :partying_face::fireworks:

We have exciting new features that are in the pipeline for 2024! :smiley:

We love sharing them with you and look for ways to improve our product to cater to your needs consistently. We look forward to another fantastic year with you!

The following are the new features for January 2024:

Email V2 Destination Step:

We now have an Email V2 Destination Step that can be used to send multiple files from one email, including an email body. Click on the Add Item button under the Attachments Section to add new attachments. Illustrated below is how the Email V2 Destination Step looks.

Multi File Zip Writer Step:

A ZIP (compressed) file with multiple records or files in it can now be created by using the Multi File Zip Writer Step. The configuration is shown in the image below.

For more information on the Multi File Zip Writer Step, click on the link below:

Multi File Zip Writer Step

Upcoming this year:

  • DataFix Insurance Solution & Ops Portal to clean your insurance data๐Ÿงน

  • Direct Bill Carrier Statement integration from Carrier websites to AMS360 :muscle:

  • Designer Web (Admin Portal V2) making it easier to to build solutions to cater for your business needsโ€‹:spider_web::technologist:t4: