How to action a file from an SFTP Server or an FTP Server

If you require to create a path, delete a path, delete a file, move a file or copy a file on the SFTP or FTP Server, the FTP or SFTP Actions destination step will be used. This step ensures that the function will work as intended.

NB: The settings on the source step will need to be disabled for the function to work on this step.

Illustrated in the image below is the FTP Actions step. The To add a connection, click on the highlighted icon or select a connection from the drop down list. Click on the required function for the required fields to appear.

NB: The step will check if the folder exists and creates it if it does not exist. It will check each path level separately and thoroughly and logs the folder check as an error.

Please note that if there is a subflow in your flow, add the SFTP Actions step outside of the subflow/ control flow. Only if there are condition subflows where a failed file will go to one path and a successful file will go to another, then the SFTP Actions step can be added inside the subflow with the respective paths.

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