New features for June 2022

The following are the new features for June 2022:

Retry option in the SOAP Service destination step:

A retry option in the SOAP Service destination step is now available as shown in the image below. Click on the Enabled checkbox to enable this feature and the Times and Delay fields will appear. The Times field is the number of times you require the request to run if it fails the first time and the Delay field is the number of seconds in an interval before the next retry request.

A new HubSpot connection type for custom scopes:

For custom scopes to be utilized in the HubSpot Connection, a new authentication called Private App has been added as shown in the below image.


For more information on the HubSpot steps, click on the below link:

How to use the HubSpot connection

Apache Kafka trigger step:

An Apache Kafka trigger step is now available! The below image is the Kafka trigger step. Once a connection is added or selected, you populate the Topic field with the topic you want to listen on. If you want to deserialize the message, click in the Use Schema Registry check box and fill in the URL and credentials.

FTP & SFTP Actions step:

To implement a function on the FTP Server or SFTP Server, the FTP Actions or SFTP Actions destination step is used. This step ensures that the function will work as intended. To find out how to use it, click on the below link:

How to action the SFTP or FTP Server after retrieving a file