New Features for August 2022

The following are the new features for August 2022 :

Synatic’s new user interface/ portal:

Our new portal has been deployed looking more enchanting than before and it comes with loads of thrilling new features! :smiley: To find out more about our new portal and it’s exciting new features, please click on the below links:

Welcome to Synatic's new portal!

BenefitPoint destination step:

We now have a BenefitPoint destination step available! Illustrated below is how the step looks. You can either create a new connection by clicking on the highlighted icon or select an existing connection from the drop down list. In the Entity field, type out the required entity or method. If the connection fails the first time and you want to establish the connection again while the flow is processing, click/ tick in the Retry checkbox. The Times and Delay fields will appear for how many times you want to retry the connection and the delay period (in seconds) in between the retries if the connection fails.

If you are creating a new connection, the below page will appear to input your credentials. The URL has the base URL of the BenefitPoint API. Max Sessions is the maximum number of sessions to create when the flow is running.

The below link assists with the API documentation for BenefitPoint:

API Documentation

HTTP Auth Type - Header:

We have a new HTTP Authentication Type available that is called Header! This Auth Type can be found when creating an HTTP Authentication connection. It is found in the drop down list in the Auth Type field as shown in the image below.

NB: Please note that our development team is adding more header fields to accommodate for multiple headers.