New features for November 2022

The following are the new features for November 2022 :

API Builder:

The API Builder name has been changed to Gateway due to the Data Gateway which will be deployed in the future. Illustrated below is how it looks on the Synatic menu.


Pin flow tabs:

Pinning opened tabs to your organization has been updated from clicking on the pin icon to clicking on the 3 dots in the flow tab. For more information, please click on the below link:

How to pin an opened flow tab in your organization

Validate Flow:

The Validate Flow feature can validate if the code in a Calculator step will give an error when you process a run. This feature is very helpful when debugging before testing or executing a flow. Check out this exciting new feature on the below link:

How to validate the code in the Calculator steps in a flow

Snowflake destination step:

We now have a Snowflake destination step available! There are 3 methods that can be used depending on the size of your data. To find out more, please click on link below:

How to send data to Snowflake

Buffer Query Lookup mapper step:

If you require to query multiple buffer lookups in one step , there is a Buffer Query Lookup step that is now available! It assists with flow optimization and flow performance as a bonus. The below link assists on how this step works:

How to query multiple buffer lookups in one step

Exporting specific records from a run:

If you require to export specific records from a run, click on the below link for instructions on how this can be done:

How to export specific records from a run

Sage 300 PATCH method in the destination step:

The PATCH method has been added to the Sage 300 destination step. Click on the highlighted plus icon in the below image to add a new connection or select an existing connecting from the drop down list. Select the required resource by clicking on the expander circled in red and select the required PATCH operation. In this example, the “Update With Identifier” is used and the ID Path is the ID field in the data set which is referenced using record.fieldName.

Operation column in the Used By Flows for buffers:

This column shows the operation of the buffer in the relevant flows which assists with debugging to be able to see the different operations that are being used the buffer. The below page is found when clicking on the 3 dots next to the required buffer and by clicking on the Used By Flows option which is circled in the image below.

Remove a step from the Copied Steps clipboard:

You can now remove a step from the Copied Steps clipboard by clicking on the cross icon circled in red in the image below. This feature assists when you require to delete one/ many steps from your copied steps clipboard and keep the remaining copied steps in the clipboard.