How to filter by the number of completed records in the run history of a flow

If you have a flow that is scheduled to run quite frequently (eg. every min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min or hour) to ensure that the latest data gets integrated and you want to debug a run to see what the completed records looks like, the filter for completed records feature will assist.

This filter can be found in the run history of a flow or in the Runs page of your organization as illustrated in the images below.


In the image below is the run history for a flow where there were completed records for only certain runs.

To view only the runs that had completed records, type the minimum number of completed records in the Completed Records field (located on the top right of the page) that you want to view. This will return the runs that that are greater than or equal to the number you typed.

eg. 1 is inputted, so the runs that have at least 1 completed record will return as shown in the below image.