How to view an organization's usage statistics

This feature is helpful if you want to view an organization’s usage stats while you are in the org in Synatic.

Illustrated in the image below above the search bar, are icons containing tabs to go to the Dashboard, Flow Triggers, Relays, Runs and Run Analysis. Circled in red is Run Analysis which contains the organization’s usage stats.


Click on the Run Analysis icon and the below image will appear with a bar chart/ graph of the status of the number of runs that occurs daily. You can filter the usage stats based on the number of runs or records, the time period (hour, day, month, year), specific dates and the run status (completed, completed with errors or failed). You can group the results by the flow, solution or status. If you hover over a bar in the graph/ chart, it will show you the accurate number of runs or records based on your filter.

The below images are an example of the number of records that have integrated every month with the completed and failed status and it is grouped by the status.

Illustrated in the below images is an example of the number of completed records per solution every month. It is grouped by “Solution” and the names of the solutions are on the left.

To filter specific solutions in the bar chart/ graph, click on the solution name as shown in the below image. It will cross out the solution name. If you want to add the solution’s usage statistics back to the chart/ graph, click on the solution name again. In the below example, the solutions are being filtered to show the usage statistics for the “Test1” solution only.