How to use JSON escape characters in a SQL query

JSON escaping is a process used to convert special characters within a JSON string into a format which can be included in the JSON data. Special characters like backslashes or double quotes are preceded by a backslash, ensuring they are properly interpreted by JSON parsers and do not break the structure. This helps maintain the integrity and accuracy of the JSON data when it contains potentially problematic characters, making it suitable for use in various programming and web development applications.

When using an Emp Code, the JSON format shows the data differently compared to the Table format. This is illustrated in the images below where the Table format shows one slash ( \ ) character whereas the JSON format shows two. JSON always inserts a second slash as an escape character.

Table Format

JSON Format


To make an SQL query for that value, use the following way if the field is required to be reference:


Without the regular handlebars method with the “@” symbol, no data will be returned because the character is not escaped.