How to use the Buffer Query tab in a flow

The Buffer Query tab is similar to the buffer query step. It is used to query a buffer using SQL and the tab in a flow, makes it more convenient to query a buffer. It is a universal query page that can be used in any flow on the system.

The Buffer Query is located as a tab at the bottom of a flow as shown in the below image. To open it, click on the word "Buffer Query" as highlighted.


To reference the buffer that you want to query, you’ll need the buffer name. Go to the buffer and click on the 3 vertical dots which are circled in red to show you the options.


The below page will appear. Click on “Edit” underlined in red.


The below image will appear. Click on the highlighted icon located on the far right of the buffer title to copy the buffer name which includes the solution name as well.

Go to any flow and type out the SQL query that you require to query the values stored in a buffer. Highlighted below is the buffer name which you will paste after getting it from the previous instruction. You can use single quotations ( ’ ’ ) or double quotations ( " " ) to reference the buffer name. You can also view the query that you typed out in the other opened flows.

To execute the query, click on the Query button as highlighted in the below image. The selected values from the buffer will appear on the right.

You can save the query if you want to re-use it the next time you log in the system by clicking on the Save Query button.

If you want to clear the query, click on the Clear Query button and you can type a new query as required.

To close the tab, click on the highlighted down expander icon located on the far right as shown in the below image.