How to create a Dynamics 365 Application ID

Below is an image of the Dynamics 365 source step. To create a connection, click on the highlighted icon.

The below page will appear to create the connection. Choose a connection type and then follow the
instructions below the image to create an Application ID as highlighted below.

The following steps are required to set up an Application ID for the Microsoft Dynamics solution:

  1. Log into the Azure AD portal to create an application registration ID. It is important to note that the Azure tenant is linked to the Dynamics365 tenant which you will be using.
  2. On the Azure explorer window, select App Registration. This can also be found using the global search option.
  3. Click “New application registration” and complete the fields Name and Sign-on URL.
  4. Note the application ID and copy it.
  5. Click Keys on the right pane.
  6. Enter a description and expiry date for the new key and click save.
  7. Note the secret key and copy it.
  8. Navigate to Users and Groups on the explorer window.
  9. Click create new user ensuring that the username the same username specified on step 3.
  10. Go to Dynamics CRM portal.
  11. Navigate to Settings > Security > Users.
  12. Select Application Users.
  13. Insert the Primary Email as captured on step 9.
  14. Insert the Application ID which was copied in step 4.
  15. Click Manage Roles on the menu.
  16. Assign a role to the new user.