Azure DevOps Connector?

I was wondering if there was a connector for Azure DevOps. If not, is there a way to do basic auth using only a password?

I am trying to build out a flow to take records and post them to a DevOps board to create tasks. I was able to call the Azure API using Postman with a successful response. So my next step was to test in Synatic. Per some instructions I found online and via trial and error, Postman made me use the Basic Auth method using only my personal token as the password. No username. The HTTP service destination in Synatic has an option for Basic Auth but the username field is required. How can you get around that requirement?



Hi Mark,

You can select “Headers” as the Auth Type from the dropdown list and click on the highlighted icon to add a header as illustrated below. Type the relevant header name that’s on Postman with the value, click on the green tick at the end of the field to confirm the header and then save.

Kind regards

Ok, I was able to get it working after some additional googling where it was suggested to enter the Azure username in the username field and the personal token as the password. It worked via that route but I may try the Headers route you suggested.


Hi Mark,

That’s great! :smiley: The Headers auth type is customizable.

Have a good day! :slightly_smiling_face: