New features for October 2023

The following are the new features for October 2023:

REST API Logs in the Gateway section:

The REST API in the Gateway section now stores the logs of an API request, response and so much more! This is used to access logs for all requests that go through a REST API. The View Logs page is located next to the REST API as illustrated in the below image.


A chronological list of the logs is displayed as shown in the below page.


Click on a log entry to view more details. The details contains the request, response, source that the path is targeting and the service view itself. The below image is an example of the details that are being logged.


Batch Records mapper Step:

The Batch Records Mapper step is now available! It is used to batch records to prevent streaming into the steps that require all data in a processable state. The Batch Records step creates a pause in a flow where records are grouped together to allow for data operations that require all of the data present and ready to be completed.

The Batch Records mapper step is shown in the below page.

Trigger logging in the Run Source:

The trigger details for a run is now accessible in the Run Source of a processed run in a flow. This is used to view run information on the trigger that executes the run for flows that are being executed automatically by a trigger step. This provides more information on the run origination and helps with troubleshooting. Click on a processed run to access the Run Source option as illustrated in the below image.

The below page is an example of the information that a trigger that does get logged. In this example, the trigger is a Salesforce Platform Event.