New features for June 2023

The following are the new features for June 2023 :

Data Gateway:

Data Gateway allows you to harness the full potential of your data using a BI tool to visualize your data from our platform for data management. To find our more on how it works, please click on the link below:

How to send data to Power BI using the Data Gateway

Shopify source step:

We now have a Shopify source step available! To create a connection, click on the plus icon highlighted in yellow in the below image or select an existing connection from the drop down box by clicking on the expander highlighted in green. The Route can be customized.

Zip List reader step:

The Zip List reader step allows you to unzip a zipped folder with a zip extension. The below link is an example of how it is used:

How to unzip multiple files from a zipped folder and store the filenames in a database

Rocket Universe relay:

You can now connect to Rocket Universe database by creating a relay. Please click on the below link for more information:

How to use the Rocket U2 relay

Include folders & Shared Drive ID in Google Drive List source step:

All files that are in a folder on Google Drive can be retrieved by ticking the Include Folders checkbox as highlighted in yellow in the image below. The below link provides an example of how it can be used:

How to save a list of file names from Google Drive

Files in a shared drive can also be retrieved by inputting the ID in the Shared Drive ID path as highlighted in green in the above image.

NB: The Google Drive source step also has a checkbox to include items from a shared drive.

Generate user API Key in Ops Portal:

You can now generate a user API Key in the Ops Portal as shown in the image below. Please note that the API key will be the same API Key that gets generated on the Admin Portal.

Function mapper step:

The Function mapper step allows you to run async code, do validation, reference parameters, query buffers and so much more! The below image is an example of the code that can be used.

Query All config in the Salesforce source step:

The Query All allows you to query all records from Salesforce, including deleted records. The Query All checkbox is located at the bottom of the step as shown in the image below.


Generate multiple organization API keys:

You can now generate multiple API keys on an organization without changing the main/parent API key (Legacy API Key). It shows the status of the API key and a small part of the API Key for identification as illustrated in the below image. For more information, please click on the link below:

Settings | Synatic Help Center