Requirements for Vertafore AMS360 integrations

The following are the requirements that are needed in order to have a successful Vertafore AMS360 integration:

1. Sandbox:

A sandbox is required for testing purposes in the development organization. If there is no sandbox to test on, the implementation cannot be done.


a. Fetch core items such as customers, contacts and policy headers.
b. Write back customers, vendors, contacts and policy headers (schedule details download through IVANs).

3. VPN:

a. Fetch additional information from the database.
b. SQL connection via VPN.
c. Policy schedules, detailed comm deals – not sure of the full list but need to come up with several examples of what VPN requires.
d. How Synatic’s relay works in tandem with this.
e. No write back capability.

Additional information:

The below link consists of Vertafore’s API references:

API Documentation