Troubleshooting where no heartbeat is received for a relay

If you no longer received a heart from your installed relay service, here are a couple checks you can do to debug:

  1. Try restarting the service from the Synatic Relay Manager (Stop and Start service).
  2. If this does not resolve the heartbeat, you can review the returned log files within the location of where the relay config is installed (C:\Synatic\Relay Manager<RelayName>).

If you see an error indicating the following:

{“level”:“error”,“message”:“Error starting Relay”}
{“message”:“Error saving package manifest: Error saving package manifest Error saving package manifest”,“statusCode”:400,“errorMessage”:“EPERM: operation not permitted, open ‘C:\Synatic\Relay Manager\RelayName\packages\manifest.json’”,“level”:“error”}

This implies the user that the service is running as (e.g. Local Service) does not have modify rights to get new packages for the relay. Simply adding this user with these permissions to the C:\Synatic folder will resolve this problem. It may require a restart of the service afterwards.

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